Company profile

Company profile

Founded in 2004, Orthoflex Ltd. is producing and developing a line of orthopedic braces, responding to various unmet needs. The company’s products are based on an understanding of the disadvantages and limitations of currently available methods used for variety of bracing indications.

The company’s new braces are a step forward in the field of “functional bracing”. There are many temporary and definitive bracing indications for which rigid fixation is not needed. Indeed, non rigid support has a biological advantage (see our philosophy).

Orthoflex is an Israeli firm that has developed a unique, effective and safe functional bracing platform that provides solutions for treatments of identified indications and needs, replacing existing braces whenever absolutely rigid fixation (immobilization) is unnecessary or undesirable.

The Foot & Ankle Brace (OF-1) and the Long Brace (OF-2) accommodate a market that is in need for new, user-friendly and advanced solutions for temporary foot and ankle support. The “OF” products have many advantages and can be used:

  • After all limb injuries.
  • Before and after surgical operations.
  • Foot and ankle protection in intensive care units.
  • Simple preliminary all embracing first aid for all limb injuries.
  • A much improved stretcher for heel spur sufferers.
  • During the rehabilitation process

The “OF” products have been highly recommended by leading surgeons. See recommending letters.