Our Philosophy

The Credo of our company is Functional Bracing

(Sarmiento and Latta)

Observational and experimental biology prove that for quality healing of skeletal and soft tissues function must continue.

Therefore immobilization is undesirable. Rigid immobilization is even worse even though it cannot always be avoided.

Immobilization negates one of nature’s fundamental properties of life: movement.
This, we believe, is the cause of the algodystrophies (CRPS, RDS, Sudek, etc), in which the living organism rejects the “dead” non-functioning part.
Therefore rigid fixation is reserved for special indications such as restoration and maintenance of limb axis and length.

Internal fixation is indicated for intra-articular fractures to recreate the anatomical joint. Even then, the earliest mobilization of the joint, the whole limb and body is essential. Surgical methods which allow immediate post-operative function are superior to those which require prolonged immobilization.
Limited immobilization may be necessary for nerve, blood vessel, and tendon suture and soft tissue loss over joints.

Therefore when treating musculoskeletal injury or disease functional bracing should be considered first, then graded rigid immobilization, and totally rigid immobilization only as a last resort.

Our braces are rapid application supports whenever dynamic bracing is indicated and rigid immobilization can be avoided.