Field Emergency Services (Ambulances, Helicopters, Rescue teams).

Don’t miss our Universal Upper and Lower limb splint :
First aid support for all limb injuries : One splint only
Affords perfect first aid for any limb injury. Flat light package. Non-circular. X-ray transparent. Rapid application-one pair of hands only needed.
(with strap for sling and well well-leg support)

The inflated long brace together with one or two well-leg straps is a universal temporary solution for the immobilization ,support and evacuation of all lower and upper limb injuries (from foot to hip and entire upper limb). The brace is light weight and its flat package takes up little room. Time for application is no more than one minute. If “scoop and run” is not necessary for urgent life saving then the easy rapid application of the cradle splint is ideal for optimal limb first aid. The splint is also ideal for the emergency room and the imaging investigation.

Rather than using a cumbersome brace to support the ankle and leg, paramedics can use the ankle and foot brace and the long leg version, which will effectively stabilize the ankle and the leg above the knee ( also for the upper limb), respectively. In addition, the brace is effective in correcting the rotational deformity of the leg in hip fractures (using an outrigger). The brace is applied on the patient’s shoe, receiving the shape of the limb. In addition, the ankle and foot brace is easy to apply, easy to remove.

Once the patient arrives at the emergency room, the bandages are usually removed to allow for medical examination. While waiting in the ER, the patient is carried back and forth for x-rays, CT scans and other tests. During this waiting period, the limb is not supported, which significantly increases the pain, swelling and suffering of the patient. Since the brace is easy to apply, as opposed to other braces and bandages, it would be easy to remove it and reapply as necessary. Also, the brace is transparent to x-rays and CT scans and thus will not need to be removed.

  • Easy application.
  • Allows ongoing wound care.
  • Rapid inflation.
  • Efficient absorption of jolting during transport.
  • Minimal storage space.
  • Affordability.