Ideal for ambulatory support.

By all accounts, diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and is one of the leading causes of mortality and disability worldwide, with over 18 million diabetic people in the United States alone and 194 million people worldwide (Medical Technology Focus Oct. 2009). Among all types of chronic, hard to heal ulcers, diabetic ulcers are the most difficult to treat. The incidence of ulcers among diabetic patients is estimated at 15%, affecting over 2.4 million patients in the US and over 17 million patients worldwide.

Orthoflex braces are:

  • Ideal for ambulatory support (pre and post operations) foot and ankle trauma and elective surgery.
  • Protection of diabetic feet. Rapid casualty comfort and support.
  • Time saving for staff; suited for radiographic examination.
  • One brace for all limb injuries.

The Orthoflex brace is easily applied and removed, thus allowing physicians to effectively treat wounds and fractures before and after operations, when rigid fixation is not required. The brace will provide patients with a more convenient bracing solution during the healing process.