Maintaining Foot Positioning in ICU Patients.

Intensive Care Medicine is required to meet special and specific medical needs associated with patients in critical or unstable conditions. Intensive care unit (ICU) patients are exposed to several complications, including pressure ulcers and heel cord contracture. The Orthoflex brace is simple in use and ensures consistent compliance of the appropriate medical measures needed to prevent these complications.

Orthoflex created a small package, light, inflated, X-ray translucent rapid application splint, specially designed for the protection of the heel and the borders of the foot and to support the plantigrade position of the ankle joint to prevent heel cord contracture.

The ankle positioning is dynamic and can counter spasm equinus to some degree.
A specially designed inner upholstering prevents pressure on the heel and the borders of the foot. Rigidity depends on the degree of inflation. Tightness is controlled by adjusting the transverse straps so that the foot and ankle can always be easily inspected and dressings rapidly and painlessly changed, to the delight of the nursing staff. Staff compliance for the proper use of foot and ankle splinting has improved greatly.

  • Single pair of hands only needed.
  • Good staff compliance.
  • Total heel protection, pressure ulcers protection and plantigrade support.