Time saving and convenience for the foot and ankle surgeon.

The brace is easily applied and removed, thus allowing physicians to effectively treat wounds and fractures before and after operations when rigid fixation is not required. The Orthoflex brace makes for time saving and convenience for the foot and ankle surgeon.
Much improved patient comfort is combined with easy management in the ER for fresh fractures and nursing staff satisfaction.

No need to remove the support to see the fine details of radiographs.
Same snug support during pre-op transport to the admission, ward and next to the operating theatre.
Easy repeated inspection of the skin.
Same brace is reapplied post operation at any degree of rigidity required by the surgeon. During the post operation period the surgeon decides if early movement at the ankle is indicated and adjusts stiffness accordingly.

Wound inspection is simple as is stitch removal.
On discharge the surgeon decides whether to apply a definitive cast after the swelling has gone down or whether to continue with the cradle brace.
The cradle brace is ideal also for definitive conservative treatment of calcaneal and other foot fractures in which support is needed combined with early movement of joints.

  • No mess.
  • Time saver.
  • Convenience of nurses and doctors.
  • Ideal for foot and ankle surgery.

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