With the growing number of hip fracture patients, the need for more effective treatment is increasing. The Orthoflex bracing will improve treatment outcomes while significantly reducing patients’ pain and discomfort.

Orthoflex created a small package, light, inflated ,X-ray translucent rapid application brace, specially designed for pre-operative and post operative use in foot and ankle surgery, as a first aid device during evacuation, in the emergency room and on the ward whilst waiting for an operation (or the swelling to go down ) and the same device as a temporary patient and staff friendly support after operations, or simply as a dynamic comfortable support for injuries not requiring surgery (crush foot, certain calcanius fractures, some midfoot and forefoot injuries).

A specially designed inner upholstering prevents pressure on the heel and the borders of the foot. This can help reduce the risk of compartmental syndrome, ischemia, and other complications. Ankle position is controlled by adjustable straps. Rigidity depends on the degree of inflation. Tightness is controlled by adjusting the transverse straps so that the foot and ankle can always be easily inspected and dressings rapidly and painlessly changed, to the delight of the nursing staff.

With the Company’s unique technology, the braces can be inflated rapidly, immediately providing the necessary support to the patient and de-rotating the limb in Fractures of the Neck of the Femur.

More advantages:

  • Faster, Easier and Cleaner Application. Orthoflex braces can be applied efficiently within up to one minute.
  • Rapid Inflation.
  • Treatment of fractures of the foot and ankle.
  • Diabetic Patients suffering from foot ulcers.
  • Optimal for pre and post operations support.
  • Easy limb inspection.
  • Rapid, painless change of dressings.
  • Adjustment for swelling and shrinking reaction.
  • Pressure sore protection.
  • Ideal for foot and ankle surgery.
  • Protection for diabetic feet and immobile patients.