Calcaneal fractures using Orthoflex braces

Calcaneal fractures using Orthoflex braces

Dept. Orthopedics,
Haemek Hospital

To whom it may concern
Letter of recommendation for the Use of the Orthoflex Brace in Foot and Ankle Surgery
In the last two years our department – treated 40 calcaneal fractures. 25 of these where operated.

All of the patients where treated before and after the operation with the functional orthopedic brace of the Orthoflex company.

We found that using this brace relieves the patient’s pain pre and post operation and makes them comfortable. Daily management is easy : early mobility is enhanced, wound care is facilitated. The nursing staff were very satisfied. The Orthoflex variable stiffness inflated brace is better than any previously used temporary support for these fractures and the patient can be discharged non-weight bearing using the same brace for support.
There fore we recommend using that brace, in treating calcaneal fractures.

Oren Ben Lulu, M.D.
Senior Orthopedic Surgeon,
Haemek Hospital, Afula, Israel