Long brace in M.A.D.A Ambulances

Report on the trial of the OF2 – Long brace in M.A.D.A Ambulances

Monday, December 11, 2006
Mr. Etai Gilboa,
R and D Supports, Ltd.,
POB 25321, Haifa.

Dear Mr. Gilboa,

Report on the trial of the OF2 – Long brace in M.A.D.A Ambulances.

21 long leg inflatable splints were delivered to the Haifa headquarters of Magen David Adom. These were distributed to our team of ambulances and their function compared with 16 Canadian Leg Splints which are in routine use. The reports on the results of their use and that of the control group were filed on forms prepared by the researchers from the Rambam Medical Center.

Please note the following excerpts from the presentation independently prepared by the Sarid Co. (clinical trials conductors) which summarize the results with regard to the reports given by our paramedics:

Experimental Group

Control Group



The OF2 – Long Leg Brace proved to be superior in all categories examined except for rapidity of application. This has now been corrected by the new radical change in which the brace is closed upon the limb after inflation: the inconvenient straps have been removed and replaced by a rapid closure zipper.

We recommend the OF2 – Long Leg Brace for all EMS uses. Both user and patient satisfaction is high.

The reduction in patient pain and discomfort is outstanding as is the contribution of the stabilizer to the stability of the injured leg. Furthermore the brace need not be removed for primary clinical and X-ray examination in the ER. Limb inspection in the brace is facilitated since the brace is not circular but open at the front and the brace casts no shadow on the radiograph.

The fact that the brace is stored as a small flat package is important in view of the lack of space in EMS vehicles of all kinds.

I look forward to our ongoing collaboration and recommend the integration of the OF2 – Long Leg Brace as standard equipment for our ambulances.

Yours sincerely,
Erez Geller,
Chief Instructor Paramedic,
Magen David Adom,
Haifa Branch.