The Technology

The Technology behind Orthoflex Brace


  • These removable, reusable braces are made of durable nylon and polyurethane, which can be washed with antiseptic or sterilized with gas.
  • Using the hand pump included in the kit, the splints are inflated to the desired rigidity, conforming to the shape of the patient’s body.
  • Cradle Splints can be applied over clothing and shoes in less than 1 minute, and can be removed in even less time.
  • They are equally effective for immediate first aid stabilization, pre- and post-operative care, and long-term use in ICUs, nursing facilities or homes.

Nylon material coated with polyurethane is cut to a certain shape containing a network of inflatable tubes welded by high frequency ultrasound.

When inflated, and with the aid of rapid buckle straps. A cradle shape fitting the OF1 – Foot and Ankle or other parts of the limbs is created. Final application to the limb is by straps passing from side to side over the front of the leg.

An optional outrigger stabilizes the limb axis in an anatomical physiological position.

The Sole is made of a rigid material, buffered by an air cushion, affording ankle support and is suited for indoor walking.

Ventilation holes allow sufficient skin airing.

The Brace can be inflated by a variety of simple mechanical pumps. Pressure within it is controlled by a one way valve. Stiffness is varied by increasing or decreasing the inflation.

Inner upholstering of various kinds according to indication.