Properties and Advantages

Orthoflex Braces: Properties and Advantages


  • Rapid application needing only one .pair of hands, application in less than one minute and avoids the mess of casting.
  • Adjustable variable rigidity as needed, flexible, padded lower limb support for patient’s comfort, simple adjustment for swelling and the reduction of swelling reduces risk of compartment syndrome, ischemia, and other complications.
  • Removable brace that allows easy access to the affected limb as needed, simple to readjust and reapply.
  • Lightweight brace that collapses into light packages for compact storage and easy carrying.
  • Affordable, reusable device that provides ROI (Return on Investment) for healthcare facilities.
  • Non-circular braces – cover only three sides of the limb.
  • Radiographic Translucency – the braces do not disturb the quality of the radiographic image and need not be removed for x-ray examination.
  • Absorption of Jolting – absorption of jolting during transport protects the patient from further injury and pain.
  • Easily Removable – the brace can be removed by the physician, nurse, or the patient at any time, thus allowing for easy change of dressings, examination of the limb, bathing and showering.
  • Increased Staff Compliance – the ease and simplicity of use significantly increases staff compliance.
  • Easily Washable and Sterilizable – all braces can be hand laundered using standard antiseptic soap such as chlohexidine scrub and gas sterilized.